Montessori Games for 1 Year Olds

    Here you will find our Educational Games suitable for children over 1 year old. At this age, children begin to understand hand movements, their coordination, and their functioning. These games are specifically designed to improve Hand Coordination and encourage Independent Thinking!

    Montessori SpaceString™- 3 in 1 Educational

    $29.90 $50.00

    Montessori Christmas™- Christmas Tree🎄 and Snowman⛄️

    $29.90 $50.00

    Montessori Worm™- Worm Eating Fruit

    $19.90 $35.00

    Montessori Space Adventure™- Educational Circuit

    $44.90 $80.00

    Montessori Shell™- Interactive Shell

    $24.90 $40.00

    Montessori Rainbow™- Cradle Accessory

    $44.90 $85.00

    Montessori Pop Up™- Hidden Animals

    $29.90 $40.00

    Montessori Pillow™- Educational Pillow

    $19.90 $35.00