Montessori Magnetics™ - Magnetic Blocks

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    Let's face it: We all grew up developing our imaginations with these fantastic magnetic blocks... and then what happened?

    The physical blocks have given way to digital blocks—all there on the screen of a telephone or computer without giving any more vent to the imagination and manual skills that have allowed us to discover shapes, dimensions, possibilities, and successes of our creations in real life!

    Children nowadays seem to lack that sparkle we had in our eyes when we imagined adventures with a few simple toys...

    The Montessori Magnetics™ was created to stimulate your baby's imagination and develop awareness of practical life activities while they learn and have fun!


    Enhance Your Baby’s Skills Block By Block...

    Montessori Magnetics™ engages infants in sensorimotor exploration, refining their fine motor skills as they grasp and manipulate the pieces. Babies learn about cause and effect through trial and error, honing their problem-solving abilities.

    Moreover, the magnetic aspect adds an intriguing dimension, sparking curiosity and encouraging exploration of magnetic forces!

    It’s proven that Montessori Magnetics™ helps your children to improve executive function skills, such as self-regulation and problem-solving, which are crucial for success in later life.

    Montessori MagneticsTM is here to entertain your children by developing their manuality, problem-solving skills, and intelligence through the famous and important Montessori Method!


    Discover The Montessori Magnetics™ - Improve Manuality And Creativity With Joy!

    Montessori Magnetics™ is the perfect method for teaching our children how to develop their creativity and a problem-solving attitude while playing.

    The Magnetics are one of the most widely used Montessori methods for developing children's intellect. It’s the best toy for teaching your children independent reasoning.

    Magnetics™ improves self-regulation, manual skills, and focus, crucial for success later in life and imagination!


    How Do Montessori Magnetics™ Develop Your Child’s Imagination And Intellect?

    Montessori Magnetics™ is a game full of different pieces that entertain children as they build from the smallest houses to the largest castles... and it is 100% safe!

    The colours are very important, as they allow the recognition of the object and shape through the difference in colour, helping the child to play the game!


    Montessori Magnetics™ - The Perfect Learning Toy For Every Child!

    Do you think this toy is a great gift idea just for kids? Well, you’re wrong!

    Imagine gifting Montessori MagneticsTM to a small family member or your friends’ children or making it available during family meetings... (Even parents will thank you because you’re helping their kids learn!)



    100% Safe - Your Children’s Well-Being Comes First

    All of our products are made with your baby’s safety and well-being in mind. The Magnetics™ lets you stay calm while your children have fun. The materials used to build Magnetics™ are 100% safe for your child!




    From what age can Montessori Magnetics™ be used?
    Montessori Magnetics™ can be used from 3 years up to 12 years!

    What are the dimensions of the Montessori Magnetics™?
    Montessori Magnetics™ contains pieces of different lengths ranging from 6cm up to 9cm in length and 2cm in height.

    Is it dangerous?
    Absolutely not! Montessori Magnetics™ is designed and built specifically to ensure the safety of your children!

    What are the benefits of Montessori Magnetics™?
    Montessori Magnetics™ is the perfect game to teach your child independent reasoning while having fun! Its pieces of different shapes and colours allow your child to create fantastic constructions, from simple to complex shapes, improving their physical sense and imagination!

    Montessori Magnetics™ - Magnetic Blocks
    Montessori Magnetics™ - Magnetic Blocks